Friday, November 20, 2015

Welcome to our MScOT Fieldwork Blog!

Hello everyone and welcome to our blog ...

a place where you can find out about all things related to OT fieldwork!

Our hope is to use this blog as another, readily accessible, tool for communication with our OT community in Alberta, Saskatchewan and beyond. A place where we can share resources, tips for student supervision, preceptor educational opportunities, celebrate some of your fieldwork contributions, and much more ...

Starting in January 2016, when our Year 2 students are 'in the field' completing their Level 2 placements, we will create a weekly blog post to keep you engaged and informed throughout the placement session. Please plan to visit this blog regularly or sign up below to follow us by email and join in the conversation about fieldwork and OT!

Our UofA MScOT website is another place to find information about our fieldwork program.

We have a fantastic clinical education team who is here to support you and our students to have the best placement experience possible. Please keep in touch with us!

We thank YOU for your ongoing involvement in the clinical education of our MScOT students!

UofA MScOT Clinical Education Team