Monday, January 15, 2018

OCCTH 526 & a Free New Online Tutorial for Using the CBFE

OCCTH 526 is now underway ...

THANK YOU to each of you who are currently supervising one of our MScOT students for this Level 2 placement period!

A new, two-part, online video tutorial on using the Competency-based Fieldwork Evaluation (CBFE-OT) produced by Bossers (original CBFE author) and Ravenek from Western University is now available free of charge:

Part 1: Introduction to the CBFE-OT (23 min)

Part 2: Student Evaluation Using the CBFE-OT (28 min) 

The tutorial is meant to be helpful to you, if needed ... but not necessarily prescriptive! You may find that you have questions after viewing the videos, since there may be a bit of discrepancy between how you have used the CBFE 'historically' and what is contained in the tutorials.

If so, you are welcome to contact Cori Schmitz or another fieldwork team member for clarification!

We sure appreciate your ongoing support and involvement in the clinical education of our OT students!