Monday, February 26, 2018

Placement Recruitment for Spring & Summer 2018

OCCTH 526 (Level 2) placements have just wrapped up for another year!

Our gratitude goes out to those of you who were in involved in hosting and supporting a Year 2 student over the last 7 weeks!

We would also like to offer thanks to all of you who have already responded to our Spring/Summer Placement Requests or 'Call for Offers' by offering a placement for our OCCTH 525 and/or OCCTH 527 placements in the months to come.

We are still needing more placement offers for the following 2 placement sessions:

OCCTH 525 - Year 1/Level 1:  May 14 – June 29 (7 weeks)

OCCTH 527 - Year 2/Level 3a:  July 3 – August 17 (or ANY 7 week period between June 18 and August 31)

We will happily accept offers for OCCTH 525 until the first week of March and for OCCTH 527 until mid-April.

To make us a placement offer (which we will not refuse!) please email or phone our Clinical Education Administrator:

(780) 492 6968

Thank you in advance!