Thursday, June 30, 2016

OCCTH 525 ends ... and OCCTH 527 begins!

Summer is finally here ...

With Canada Day festivities, fireworks, and a long weekend to celebrate!

OCCTH 525 (our Level 1 placement for our Year 1 students) ends today.

OCCTH 527 (our Level 3a placement for our Year 2 students) officially begins next week, although placements at some sites have already begun.

OCCTH 528 (our Level 3b placement for our Year 2 students) recruiting is complete and student matching is nearly finished. These placements will occur in September - October 2016.

We have immensely appreciated the support of the Alberta, Saskatchewan and NWT occupational therapists and clinical communities during this first full 'go round' with our new curriculum schedule.

The students in our UofA MScOT Program completed a total of more than 600 fieldwork placements in the recent year ... all because of your generous contribution to their learning and to our great profession!

Happy Canada Day, everyone!