Monday, July 11, 2016

Update re: OCCTH 528 (Sept-Oct) Placement Recruitment

We were surprised and very pleased with the large number and variety of offers that were made available to our MScOT students for their Level 3b placement in Sept-Oct 2016!

All the students were able to choose placements that best suited their interests and will maximize the diversity of their fieldwork portfolios (including the program requirements of mental health, community and rural practice).

If we did not end up using your OCCTH 528 placement offer, then we will be notifying you shortly.

Since we have just now completed the first full-year with our new curriculum schedule, we are in the process of analyzing and responding to the patterns we have seen in terms of placement recruitment for each of the sessions.

We encourage you to be in touch with further questions or concerns, or to strategize about the best time of year for you or your site to offer a placement(s):

Calgary/Southern AB (Jutta Hinrichs) click here to contact via email.

Saskatchewan (Michele Derdall) click here to contact via email.

Edmonton/Northern AB (Cori Schmitz) click here to contact via email.

On behalf of the UofA OT Department and the entire fieldwork team, THANK YOU for your ongoing support of clinical education. We could not run our MScOT Fieldwork Program without you!