Sunday, September 18, 2016


Students co-author article 

on Prosper Place Clubhouse

Congratulations to MScOT students, Helen Tam and Esther Wong, who along with their fieldwork supporters, Heather Bussiere and Loraine Kolber,  and community leader, Bluma Goldberg,  were published in this month's OT Now.  The article it titled "Prosper Place Clubhouse: A mosaic of inclusion for recovery" and you can read it by clicking here.  

Prosper Place has been a key partner in providing Independent Community Placements (ICPs) to our MScOT students for a number of years and journalling and reflections are a key part of any ICP experience. Esther and Helen's journal reflections help illustrate how the principles of the recovery philosophy used in the Clubhouse model mirror Occupational Therapy values.  You can learn more about ICPs on our website [ click here ] or by contacting our Fieldwork Educator for ICPs , Loraine Kolber.