Monday, October 17, 2016

Introductory Placements October 31-November 4

As our students are well into the fall term and we are all feeling like winter is here, the Fieldwork Team would like to take a moment to wish all of you a Happy OT Month! I know many sites will be having their own celebrations and here at Corbett the students are making a video celebrating OT -  I had my "close up" today! Here's to celebrating our great profession and the work we do!

Thank you so much for the overwhelming response to our call for offers for the Introductory Placements for our Year 1's from Oct. 31-November 4.   

The purpose of this early exposure to OT practice is three-fold: 
1. Opportunity for students to witness and participate in real, live OT practice and confirm their interest in our profession.
 2. Opportunity for students to gain basic knowledge about the OT role in a particular practice setting and create a context for OT practice that can be built on during classroom learning.
3. Opportunity for students to demonstrate professionalism, engagement and begin practicing their therapeutic use of self.

There are no 'caseload' expectations for this placement but throughout the placement students are expected to be engaged, eager learners who demonstrate basic time management skills and the ability to communicate appropriately with clients and colleagues. At some point during the placement, student must establish therapeutic rapport with at least one client and by the end of the placement they must articulate to their preceptor what occupational therapy is and explain the role for OT in this particular practice setting. 

We hope those of you who have students at your sites find them eager and engaged and that they remind you of your own excitement about Occupational Therapy. 

Happy Occupational Therapy Month!